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UnlockedTravel.club was launched in early 2021 in line with the re-opening of international travel. Pebble Designs were tasked with designing and building a website where travellers can search for live information on travel and local restrictions for a destination.

The Challenge

Data and information regarding COVID case rates and travel worldwide were diluted with the media, and potential travellers were left with a confusing array of misinformation fueled by social media. Access to correct, trustworthy, reliable information simply and easily was not possible! Travel companies were struggling with sales and therefore were a bias to sell seats and holiday destinations.

Our Solution

Working closely with Joe and Bec, who are avid travellers themselves, the aim was to build a website that we could feel confident we have access to correct information, feel safe, and fulfil the need we could once again travel.

Pebble Designs designed and built a website with a focus on it being more akin to a web app. The data was pulled from a brilliant, clear API by TravelPerk, and the architecture was developed with SEO and human search in mind. Search results were auto-generated, enabling the site map to grow to accommodate search engine queries prioritising the most popular destinations.

The focus was on ease of use. UX goals were created, and the target was access to information in less than 3 clicks. We used a traffic light system and manipulation of the returned data from the API to create a page that everybody could understand

“This info is brilliant. We’ve checked out travels to Portugal, Belfast and Spain and all good. Also Spain to Morroco and Morroco to Senegal, and it all looks good and is very fast download. It’s easy to use and Tracey liked the sea background effect. Makes you think of holidays!! Much friendlier than the gov website.” – M Collins, Frequent traveller

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